What is Bag of Holding?

Bag of Holding is a web app that let's tabletop RPG players track their group's inventory with ease.

The standard approach to RPG inventory is for each play to track their own individual inventory, with a single player often elected to keep track of items that are shared amongst the party.

Now groups can break away from this approach, with a single central location to track everybody's inventory in a single place, collaboration becomes easy.

With features like searching, sorting and filtering items by who is carrying them, players can still track their own inventory quickly and conveniently.

How Do I Save My Sheet?

Inventory sheets are automatically saved on our servers whenever you make a change.

To make sure you can access your sheet again at a later date, you should make sure to save your sheet's URL to your browser's bookmarks. Remember, if you lose the URL to your sheet, then you won't be able to access it!

Do Sheets Last Forever?

Unfortunately, storing a lot of data costs money, so we delete sheets that have not been edited in a long time.

If a sheet is created but has no items added to it for a week, that sheet will be deleted.

Sheets that do contain items will still be deleted if they are not edited for 3 months. To avoid this happening to your sheets, just hop on your sheets every now and then and add a new item and then delete it again right after.

Can I Help?

Bag of Holding is an open source project and we welcome anybody who wants to help!

If you have experience with Javascript and want to help, check out the github and reach out!